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I began studying photography in 2003 after taking photos at a horse racing event in California and receiving some promising feedback from friends.  I decided to look into some college courses and found that not only did I have a talent for photography, but I enjoyed it immensely as well.  I continued studying all aspects of the subject until I moved to Maryland and found a job at a photography company in Hanover.  There I continued to learn about Photoshop and portrait photography as well as other aspects of the business.  


I specialize in sports and animals with emphasis on equines, though I have been known to shoot wedding, maternity, and baby portraits on occasion.  I enjoy working with all creatures, both big and small, with one exception: I don't do snakes or spiders!  I love shooting action sports as well, though often I find that I get into cheering for the competitors and almost forget that I hold a camera!

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